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While every medicine acts as a poison when administered in excess, music is such that it is never enough.

"Back To The Future Festival" is a hitech celebration by  Azimov Records & Akkadian Project. The Festival brings to you an intimate selection of underground auditory experiences from across the globe .

We present this festival with an intoxicating atmosphere to experience the effects of discovering new sounds that lifts your feet off the ground. Gear up for a sensational event as we call upon every soul to explore different sounds hitech with us.


We are looking for misfits, who were last seen among the last benches of every classroom. We believe that you all were meant to produce something beautiful. Idea is to create space for artists of any kind to represent their art with the help of our managerial services.We create opportunity & balance with the spirit of earnest efforts.


It all began over several sound experiences where Azimov crew caught themselves craving a dance off like the old days. Azimov Records decided an alliance is what they needed to bring this festival to life and to keep the vision authentic, that's where Akkadian Project came into the picture.

Both the teams couldn't help but wonder about the plot of the classic cult movie ‘Back to the Future’ to their real life incidents where both the labels decided to host this project as their venture collaboration. Hence, the name Back to the Future.

Though Akkadian Project has a history into experimental music, It’s Azimov Records' style of hitech that encouraged the Akkadians for their debut.